Titan #1: The Reviews Are In!

Friday, May 31, 2013

Some recent reviews for François Vigneault's new comic, Titan #1:

"Vigneault's really cleaned up a lot of the rough edges in his art (I credit that in part to those excellent bird minicomics he likes to draw) and has added a layer of style that makes this a smooth but still highly personal read. The format, design and every aspect of production make this a beautiful comic to look at. Fans of 'hard' sci-fi will enjoy the way that certain details regarding life on Titan play out sociologically and in terms of technology, especially in the way that technology has the potential to completely erase a way of life."

"There’s no false utopia presented in Vigneault’s future world, merely an aspirational sci-fi narrative that allows us to reflect back on our own social issues through the lens of this re-contextualization process. Vigneault’s lines dance between a sort of Herge influenced European classicism, complete with ligne-claire coifs of hair, and the full-bodied beady sweat style of many modern alt cartoonists, running the erratic lineage from Robert Crumb to Charles Burns to Noah Van Sciver."

"François Vigneault has created a multifaceted, fully dimensional universe in these opening two chapters of a six-part series. Any science fiction fan can quickly find themselves comfortable in the setting of this tension-filled moon. But the setting on the moon feels unfamiliar because it's so specific, so unique to Vigneault's imagination and so full-fledged in its vision."

You can order Titan #1 right now; all orders will be signed by the artist and will receive some fun bonus goodies!

Titan Part 03: Hard Headed Woman will be starting up on the Study Group Comics site soon, and a new issue of Titan should be out before the end of the year.

Titan #1: $4.95