Nice review of EW #1 + #2 in Osmosis Online

Sunday, July 10, 2011

I just saw this positive review of the first two issues of ELFWORLD vol. 2 today... How nice! Jeremy Nisen gives some nice praise for the series overall ("the French flaps, the amazing designs on end papers, the very, very cool portrayal of the table of contents as a castle/mountain cavern") and about some of the individual stories in each issue (On Dash Shaw's story: "'The Orc of Nagwath' is amusingly depraved," David Enos' work "has more of an otherworldly or center-of-the-Earth sort of vibe; pulpy and reminding of both old Heavy Metal stuff and classic Kirby," and Daria Tessler's "Fun House" pairs "wonderful visual storytelling and some effectively odd humor. Really wonderful stuff."

Great to hear... Nisen also brings up some points about ELFWORLD'S price point, which is understandable. I'll try my best to keep costs under control while putting out a hand-crafted bit of awesomeness. As Nisen points out "I guess DIY spirit + personal touch = more a meaningful experience."

Read the whole review here!