Family Style at WonderCon! New Titles!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Family Style will be exhibiting at WonderCon in San Francisco for the first time ever! WonderCon is definitely a more mainstream/superhero/cosplay sort of event than Family Style is used to exhibiting at, but we've been long-time attendees, and we always have a fun time, so we've decided to try it out this year! Jonas will be sharing our table with Kane Lynch, creator of The Relics.

Jonas has a big new story in the latest issue of Papercutter from Tugboat Press, which he'll have for sale at the Family Style table! The story, “The Most Gripping Mind-Exploding Triumphantly Electric of Our Time,” is a fantastic nested tale that intermixes science fiction and mythopoetic elements to remarkable effect.

François can't attend WonderCon, but his long-delayed fifth issue of Bird Brain will be premiereing at the show! This issue of his ongoing nature journal series features illustrations and field notes from his vacation to Louisiana and Arkansas last summer, and includes coverage of the then-ongoing BP oil spill, herons, ibises, lots of songbirds, and even alligators and beavers!

We'll also of course be selling our Stumptown Comics Award-nominated anthology Elfworld Vol. 2 #1, the original Elfworld collection (with a special convention price of just $5!), Ochre Ellipse, Friends, and all the excellent comics and zines that the world has come to expect from Family Style. We're excited to meet new comics fans in this new venue!

WonderCon takes place April 1-3 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Look for us at table #SP19.

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New Stories by Jonas in Papercutter and The Comic Book Guide to the Mission

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Jonas Madden-Connor fans rejoice! This month, Jonas has two new stories out from other publishers:

Papercutter #15 features a 17-page cover story by him, a mind-bending, nested story construction that is sure to tickle your fancy. Incorporating mythological and science fiction structures, this is sure to please fans of Ochre Ellipse. Papercutter #15 (which also features Melinda Boyce, MK Reed, and Drew Weing)is published by the fantastic Tugboat Press and is available at Buy Olympia. Jonas will also have copies for sale at next week's WonderCon, at the Family Style table (#SP19)!

Jonas also has a one-pager in the just released The Comic Book Guide to the Mission from our pals over at Skoda Man Press. This book is jam-packed with good stuff, and is sure to be a pleasure for anyone with a love of San Francisco's most interesting neighborhood. Buy it on Amazon!


Elfworld #2 Available for Pre-Sale! Save a Buck!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Elfworld Vol. 2 #2 is now available in the Family Style store for pre-sale! Elfworld #2 will be coming out for the Stumptown Comics Fest in just under one month, but until then you can order online and pay just $6, rather than the cover price of $7.00. Just think of all the cool things you could do with that dollar! You could by a mini-comic at the next festival you go to!

Just to remind you, the second issue of Elfworld is a groovy 40 pages of genre greatness, featuring comics by an amazing cast of indy stars and up-and-comers: Dylan Horrocks (Hicksville), Jeremy Tinder (MOME, Cry Yourself to Sleep), Daria Tessler, François Vigneault (why, that's me!), Matthew Reidsma (High Maintainance Machine), Marek Bennett (Mimi's Donuts), and Eve Engelos & Josh Moutray (Icecreamlandia). What a line up!

I'm so delighted to be bringing out another amazing issue of this comic; the ball really seems to be rolling now, with new great new artists signing up for future issues left and right... the coming year is sure to be fantastic, as more and more issues of Elfworld start stacking up next to these two. Stay tuned for more!

Elfworld #2 Out for Stumptown, Elfworld #1 Nominated for Best Anthology!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Well, when the good news rains, I guess it pours (what did I expect here in Portland?): I just finished up with the layout of Daria Tessler's awesome cover for Elfworld #2, and I wanted to officially announce that Family Style will be premiering the book at the upcoming Stumptown Comics Fest, when I heard that Elfworld #1 was nominated for a Stumptown Comic Art Award! Yay!

We're just wrapping up the final work on the upcoming issue... it looks to be a rad one, with comics by cover artist Daria Tessler, Dylan Horrocks, Jeremy Tinder, Matthew Reidsma, Marek Bennett, Eve Englezos and Josh Moutray, and yours truly, François Vigneault! Clocking in at a whopping 40 pages, this issue is full of magic and monsters... a lot of ogres and trolls in this issue, for some reason! Just like the first issue, this will all come wrapped up in a beautiful 2-color letterpress cover with French flaps, printed this time around by the very talented James Tucker (he's got a fantastic solo show of his prints up in Aspen, CO at the moment, you should check 'em out!), and endpapers designed by illustrator Anna Hurley. All in all this is gonna be a great book, and I am so proud to be bringing it out for Stumptown, my new hometown show!

Elfworld #1 was nominated for Best Anthology in the Stumptown Comic Art Awards, where it is in good company (and fierce competition!): Study Group 12 #4, Gazeta, AX: Alternative Manga, and Nix Comics Quarterly. I'm extremely honored that Elfworld is in with this top-notch crowd, and my thanks go out to all the contributors, readers, and store owners who have helped Family Style and Elfworld out over the past few months. If you enjoyed Elfworld, I certainly wouldn't dissuade you from voting for it to win!

I'll have more EW news in the coming month as we countdown to Stumptown, including some sneak previews.

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