Updated - On The Road Again: Family Style Show Calendar for 2011

Sunday, February 27, 2011

This year Family Style is hitting the road again, with appearances at some further-flung shows than we've done in awhile! Here is a preliminary calendar of some of our upcoming shows, I'll of course update and post again as individual events approach and we add others!

Wonder Con (San Francisco) April 1-3
We have attended this miniaturized version of the San Diego Comic Con in Family Style's old home town often, but this will be our first year as exhibitors. Jonas will be representing Family Style at table #SP19, which we'll be sharing with the indomitable Kane Lynch. Family Style will have some very cool new stuff: Jonas' cover story in Papercutter (!!!) and Bird Brain #5!

Stumptown Comics Fest (Portland) April 16-17
This is Family Style's new official hometown show, so we'll be there in force. We'll be sharing our space with the fantastic Julia Gfrörer. Premiering at this show: Elfworld Vol. 2, #2, including comics from Dylan Horrocks, Daria Tessler, Jeremey Tinder, and more! Stay tuned for more info.

TCAF (Toronto, CANADA) May 7-8
Yay! We are so proud to have been selected for the Toronto Comics Art Festival! We've heard so much good stuff about TCAF, we're delighted to be attending for the first time. We have some secret projects that might be ready for this show... again, I'll keep you posted!

*We are super sorry to have to back out of TCAF this year due to financial constraints. We're hoping to go next year.

Chicago Comic Con August 11-14
I've been asked to be a Guest at this con! What!?! Should be really fun, I (Francois) lived in Chicago for a few years, and this will be a great chance to re-connect with old pals and all those genius Chicago cartoonists (including a bevy of Elfworld contributors, old and new: Jeffrey Brown, Grant Reynolds, and Jeremy Tinder).

San Francisco Zine Fest September 3-4
These dates haven't been officially announced yet, but the SF Zine Fest is likely returning to its Labor Day Weekend slot again this year. This is the 10th anniversary of the Fest, and we at Family Style have been heavily involved in running the show for more than half of that time, so we will be there with bells on!

APE (San Francisco) October 22-23
We'll be back in SF one more time this year for APE, where we always have a great time. I don't know if I mentioned it in this blog before, but the 2010 APE was a vast improvement on the previous year, so we have high hopes for this year! Premiering at the show: Elfworld #3! We'll also be hosting another "Tales" indy-fantasy reading to celebrate, this time at Mission: Comics and Art! This should be a really, really fun weekend!

OryCon (Portland Fantasy/Sci-Fi Convention!) November 11-13
Finally, we'll be wrapping the year up with an appearance at OryCon, a long-running Portland sci-fi/fatasy con. We're hoping that we can reach a new audience for Elfworld, and I think the show will be a lot of fun, too! I am a long-time fantasy fan and I've never been to a dedicated fantasy con, looking forward to it.


Family Style Jamboree Archive

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Our original flagship title, Family Style Jamboree, is now sadly defunct, never quite making it to our initaly intended 12 issues. However, for historical purposes, here is a bibliography of our collective zine-making efforts! There just might be a collection in the works!


You can get to know the original members of the Family Style collective by reading Family Style Jamboree, our original flagship title. It's a bizarre cocktail, equal parts scandal-laden tell-all and a warm and fuzzy toast. Each issue focuses the entire Family's collective gaze upon one of our founding members, with each contributor expressing themselves as they see fit, whether the verdict be kind or cruel; and the subject being none the wiser until the issue sees print! Everyone is allowed free reign with regard to the content and form of their section, which makes for an exciting and sometimes surprising mix of comics, prose, and more. It's a fascinating look into the lives of strangers through the eyes of their loved ones.

"The most affable and friendly zine of the year!"
-Greg Means, Best Zine Ever


Family Stlye Jamboree #8

The longest-awaited issue in the Jamboree's history is finally here! A slim but power-packed collection of thoughtful essays, harsh rants, and even a couple of gentle comics; this issue will give the brave reader a brief yet exciting look at Gabe Ramos' vaunted musical mastery (NRSZ, Hello Noisy, etc.), complex inter-personal conflicts, and humble self-image.

FSJ08. 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", 16pp, b&w. $1.00 SOLD OUT!

Family Stlye Jamboree #7

Social colossus, bon vivant, raconteur, and the only member of Family Style's International Dep't (based in Berlin, Germany), Pablo Roman-Alcalá is celebrated in this issue. Lots of sordid tales of debauchery with a layer of bittersweet remembrances on top. This was almost the Jamboree's final issue, so it comes in an appropriately grim (and oh-so-fashionable) screen-printed black-on-black cover. Inside you'll find the usual assortment of comics, essays, and more.

FSJ07. 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", 24pp, b&w. $2.00 SOLD OUT!

Family Stlye Jamboree #6

Antonio Roman-Alcalá's many remarkable talents, intriguing idiosyncrasies, and occasional foibles are examined in our longest issue to date! Comics, essays, and even an archival interview from 1999; not to mention an excerpt from the subject's own forthcoming "Encyclopedia of My Beliefs". What more could you ask for? Gocco-printed cover on brown craft paper.

FSJ06. 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", 40pp, b&w. $2.50 SOLD OUT!

Family Stlye Jamboree #5

Find out why Jonas Madden-Connor sings. Heartfelt remembrances, amusing anecdotes, and embarrassing incidents all rear their ugly heads... many copies even include a bonus mini-comic, "10 Reasons to Love Jonas"! All this and more, wrapped in a very stylish, hand-assembled cover with genuine book cloth on spine and corners and lavish letterpress coverplate. Click here to read the entire issue online!

FSJ05. 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", 28pp, b&w. $3.50 SOLD OUT!

Family Stlye Jamboree #4

François Vigneault is fondly derided in this extravagant issue. Is he an arrogant prick or a sensitive artiste? All the usual contributors weigh in on the debate as well as some special guest stars from François' past and present. Incredibly lush production on this one: double thick French-fold pages, hand silk-screened dust jacket, and a special fold-out bonus feature.

FSJ04. 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", 34pp, b&w. $4.00 SOLD OUT!

Family Style Jamboree #3

The mysterious art maven Erin Ruch takes a break from her hectic social schedule to grace our pages. Family members examine Erin's stunning wardrobe, secret raver past(!), and penchant for making out with older men in bathrooms(!!). Additionally, Erin discusses her previously secret love of mushrooms, ferrets, and Debbie Harry.

FSJ03. 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", 24pp, b&w. $2.00 SOLD OUT!

Family Style Jamboree #2

Our funniest, harshest issue to date! Occasionally scathing commentary from the friends of the man who broke the Kryptonite/Bic pen story (as seen in the New York Times!). Hilarious parodies of both Archie comics and Spider-Man daily strips, as well as the usual set of diatribes and illustrated essays. Fancy silver cover w/ cut-out Chris Brennan mask!

FSJ02. 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", 32pp, b&w. $2.00 SOLD OUT!

Family Style Jamboree #1

Featuring Beth Bouffard. The premiere issue of the Jamboree, this showcases all eleven original Family members sharing their (generally benevolent) feelings for Beth in comics, essays and even a Venn diagram! This issue is generally considered to be the least "catty" of the bunch, and has even been known to cause our more sensitive readers to "tear up." Fun for the whole family.

FSJ01. 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", 28pp, b&w. $2.00 SOLD OUT!