Party People - Susie Cagle, Jonas Madden-Connor, François Vigneault, and Sophie Yanow.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

During the East Bay Alternative Press Fair late last year, Jonas and I expanded our usual convention drawing chalange to encompass some of our great cartoonist pals: Sophie Yanow and Susie Cagle.We have joined forces to produce a D&D adventuring party! Some of us are old hands at this nerdly activity, others are newcomers. Here is our party, for your enjoyment:

Lichen, Halfling by Susie Cagle

Pickpocket, Sneak Thief, and Backstabber Extraordinaire by Jonas Madden-Connor

Audra, Human Fighter by Francois Vigneault

Penelope, Holy Crusader by Sophie Yanow

Sophie pointed out that this party might have a rough time in certain situations, bring mostly combat and sneaking oriented... but at least we look good! We might have been helped out by Kane Lynch's shapeshifting Jewish cleric/druid (!!!) , which he also drew at the show, but Kane can't find his illo... He tells me he is re-drawing it now, so I'll post it here on the Family Style blog when I get it... maybe he'll be joined by some other drawings, from Family Stylers and friends!

Family Style Has Moved!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

We've taken the plunge! After several years of contemplation, I (Francois, that is) have moved to Portland, Oregon with my lovely girlfriend Hannah. This means that the Family Style offices are moving, too... and we really will have quite a lot of room for once! We've got a whole giant garage to trick out as a comics publishing lair. I'll post pictures as I get things settled, but I've got big plans for it: room and equipment for screenprinting, drafting, binding, etc.

For all of our rabid Bay Area fans, fret not: Jonas Madden-Connor will be holding it down in Oakland, and Family Style will be at lots of shows this year, in San Francisco and beyond: Wonder-Con (for the first time), Stumptown Comics Fest, Toronto Comics Art Festival (another first!), APE, the SF Zine Fest, and more! This should be a big year for us, with more issues of Elfworld coming out and some other seceret projects in the works, too... Stay tuned for more!

This Week's Drawings: Sonic & Tails

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tails by Jonas

Sonic by François