APE Was Great + New Drawings

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Family Style crew of Jonas and François had a very lovely time at APE this year... our very unscientific estimation was that it seemed quite a bit busier than in years past! We merrily sold the new Elfworld Vol.2 no. 1 all weekend and got great feedback... don't forget that the new issue is available online, too (retailers, we'd be delighted to get it into your shops, you can order direct from us or (by next week) from Last Gasp, too).

We both picked up lots of books... I (François) haven't gotten the chance to read most of my new purchases, but what I have read has been top-notch: Expansion, the new collaborative effort by Matt Sheean and Malachi Ward, the hillarious (I was literally lol-ing) I Want You #2 by Lisa Hanawalt, and the long-awaited Trackrabbit #4 from Geoff Vasille were all excellent.

Secondly, Jonas and I always sit around drawing random stuff at these shows, usually goofy genre stuff, like our Marvel mash-up battles last year. This year we drew a couple of matched pairs, which came out well enough that we're gonna experiment with doing drawings like this once a week and posting here on the Family Style blog! Your first pair is Red Sonja by François and Conan by Jonas... check back in next week for another pair, this time of the super-heroic variety!

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