Family Style @ Stumptown

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Next week Family Style will be making our annual appearance at the Stumptown Comics Fest in lovely Portland, OR... But you WON'T find us on the official exhibitor list, sadly! (Yay! The kind folks at Stumptown just added us to the list! You guys rule). Just like last year, we missed the boat on registration (not our fault, we swear), and the wonderful Eli Bishop of Global Hobo has once again generously offered to host us at his table! So, look for us at the Global Hobo table, where François will be offering a carefully curated selection of Family Style's best work, including (hopefully) a brand new issue of his bird-watching zine Bird Brain!


Hero of the Bikelane - New comic by Jonas + François

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

We (Jonas and François) were recently tapped by the very awesome San Francisco Bike Coalition to create a five-part comic strip series encouraging bicyclists to be the "hero of the bikelane" by reporting potholes to the city. The comic was super hilarious to work on, we got to flex our might and dive into our super-heroic roots. There will be a new strip every week, so check back in for more, and consider joining the SF Bicycle Coalition, they do amazing work for bikers, pedestrians, and anyone who's interested in safer, more pleasant streets here in San Francisco!