Two New Titles in the Store!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Over the weekend Family Style premired two new creations at the Indy Euphoria show in Sacramento, and they are now both available in the Family Style store:

Our good pal Nick St. John keeps cranking out top-notch stories, his latest, following close on the heels of last year's Mr. Mortiz, is a often funny but ultimately somber look at the yawning gulf that so often exists between our dreams and reality, How I Came To Work at the Wendy's. Highly reccomended!

Second, we have another great issue of François Vigneault's ongoing nature journal series, Bird Brain #3! Lots of the usual elegant black and white illustrations and journal enteries, but this issue also features a gorgeous color centerfold, too! For preview images and ongoing updates, check out the Bird Brain Journals.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Family Style will be rocking it at the first-ever Indy Euphoria show in Sacramento, an interesting mash-up of the indy comix and vinyl toy worlds... We've staked out a space along with some of our favorite creators: PS Comics, Damien Jay, Susie Cagle, Jason Martin, Josh Frankel, Andrice Arp, and Jesse Reklaw, and we'll be neighboring the great Portland publishing house Sparkplug Comics! Whew! They've also got some great special guests from these different facets of the indy/DIY art scene, including Jim Woodring, Jeffery Brown, Tom Neely... should definitely be a fun show!

Oh! And of course we are premiereing a couple of wee books for the show, too! François will have the newest instalment of Bird Brain, and Nick St. John just completed a fantastic new comic called "How I Came to Work at Wendy's", and we'll have both on sale this weekend! See you in Sacramento!