Family Reunion!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

You may or may not know that Family Style has had a hand in running the San Francisco Zine Fest for the last three years... well, this year we are holding a very special Family Reunion panel there! We will be getting the Family Style founding members together for a rollicking discussion of the F.S. Jamboree, the pitfalls of colaborative creation, and the crazy inter-personal drama the project created for us! It should be a seriously hilarious and potentially enlightening panel for anyone who is thinking of creating a collaborative, community-based project, or any one who wants to get to know us better than they already do! It looks like pretty much all of our original members (Beth Bouffard, Chris Brennan, Jonas Madden-Connor, François Vigneault, Antonio & Pablo Roman-Alcala, Gabe Ramos, Jenny Dickow, and Sarah Gion, thus far!) have signed on. So we'll see on Sunday, July 20, at the SF County Fair Building!

New Titles, Available Now!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

We have TWO great new comics from Family members Jonas Madden-Connor and Sarah Gion:

Ochre Ellipse #2 is fantastic stand-alone comic with subtle ties to Jonas' premiere issue; it is at turns amazing, formal, spare, deep... This is the comic where Jonas is really coming into his own as a creator and a serious talent.

Sarah's new issue of her long-running zine/comix series The Science has hit issue 24 with a great mix of hilarious and bittersweet quotidian tales. This is (I believe) her first all comics issue, and she knocks the ball out of the park with her finely tuned observations and sweet drawings.

Both comics are available in our catalog, go get 'em!

All this productivity from my co-creators is making me look bad!